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Zayaan Buffkins is a South African woman born and raised in Cape Town. She is a Certified Integral Coach (PCC) through the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business Centre for Coaching and the USA-based New Ventures West.


Zayaan uses the integral approach with clients to focus on both personal and leadership challenges and opportunities. Her passion is personal development and excellence and her coaching covers clients from various industries, diverse backgrounds and life stages.


Zayaan has a corporate background, working for multinational companies both internationally and in South Africa for 10 years. Her coaching experience includes working with individuals and groups across many different sectors. She has also coached and facilitated on various projects and workshops focusing on leadership development and coaching in Southern Africa and globally.


Zayaan holds a Business Science Honours Degree in Marketing from the University of Cape Town. She has completed various other courses including Emotional Intelligence and One Leader, a corporate specific course focussing on teams and Coaching circles within the work environment. During her time in the United Kingdom, she completed a course in Mindfulness and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). Zayaan has completed the Associated Coaching Course (ACC), the Professional Coaching Course (PCC), the PersProfile behavioural assessment certification and the 5 Lenses behavioural assessment certification including the Enneagram.


Zayaan supports L & N Advisors as a Coaching Partner with both individual and group work, in unlearning and relearning to enable our clients to show up more authentically with compassion. She believes the key to working with a client is developing trust and a full understanding of the person and their background. 

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