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Unmasking the Church, Extending Grace and Facilitating Justice

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

In August 2016, Lovelyn was a guest speaker at the 11th Biennial Consultation on Urban Ministry in Pretoria. In this presentation, Lovelyn, reflecting on questions that she was personally grappling with, asks critical questions about a theology that perpetuates the oppression and silencing of others. Lovelyn also encourages the adoption of a theology in which justice is centred, not power.

A brief except from the presentation:

"You cannot talk commodification of education, exclusionary institutional cultures and the mono-logics that exist on campuses around matters of justice and equality without talking about the existence of commodified salvations, exclusionary church cultures and mono-logics in churches as well. The reality is that Churches across the world, even with their purest intentions can never be neutral spaces."

Video credit: Nigel Branken



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