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Decolonising the Curriculum: Justice, Healing and Humanisation through Education

In March 2017, Lovelyn presented a Guest Lecture at the University of Pretoria Public Lecture Series on Curriculum Transformation Matters. In this presentation, Lovelyn interrogates what it is that we currently understand to be the "colonial dimensions of the curriculum" and challenges the normalisation of colonial attitudes and approaches to education. After addressing these, Lovelyn aims to imagine and conceptualise what a decolonised curriculum (and by extension a decolonised academy) would look like. Finally, Lovelyn highlights the need to contextualise the decolonisation of education as a matter of justice, human dignity and healing. By decolonising academic curricula, her proposition is that we maximise our ability to influence and shape arenas that extend beyond those of knowledge production which in turn contributes to the humanisation of our society.

Lovelyn's lecture begins at 10:15.



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